Success at the National Youth Brass Band Competition of Great Britian

By: PaulDarlington - 25 April 2015

A review of Sunday 19th April

More photos of the day can be found at the following link - Nationals 2015

In 2015 the Lions Youth Brass organisation celebrates its 25th anniversary and we are already doing so in style!

In March, both the Beginner and Junior bands entered the Newcastle-Under-Lyne Festival. In the Under 14 section the Beginners (average age just 8 years old!), under conductor Chris Thompson, went one better than their third place finish last year and collected a second place award. In fact the only band that beat them were Tom Hancock and the Lions Juniors, who put in a superb performance to be rewarded with first place!

April, as usual, saw the bands set sail to Manchester to compete in the National Youth Brass Band Championships. A 7am start from their Sandbach base didn't deter the Beginners though, who put in  a performance that adjudicator Simone Rebello described as 'well rehearsed and executed, played with professionalism, care and good attention to detail.' The band were delighted to be awarded the Glass Trophy for the 'Band Showing Most Potential,' matching their result from last year. 

Early afternoon saw the Juniors perform in the Junior Band section. Their musical 'selection box' again tickled the taste buds of the judges and they were delighted to receive a 'Silver award' their best ever performance at the Championships, which conductor Tom described as a fitting reward for all their hard work in the run up to the contest.

Finally, the Youth Band and their musical director Nigel Birch were up in the Championship section. Their programme, including the world premiere of the Ian Raisbeck piece 'Hustle,' Prelude from the 49th Parallel and the set piece, The Saga of Tryfing, found favour with the judges, who awarded the band a Silver award and the Second Place trophy, for the second year running.

With plenty of silverware in the cabinet already, a reunion concert for all past players in July, a new CD due for release and many concert performances to look forward to, 2015 is already promising to be every bit as successful a year for the Lions Youth Brass organisation as the previous 24!   The beginner band performance can be seen via the following link.