LBB at Goostrey

By: ChrisThompson - 05 July 2016

Our Beginners perform at Goostrey Community Primary

Tonight saw our Beginner Band perform at Goostrey Community Primary School, as special guests of the school's year 5 class. The Year 5 class undertake Wider Opportunities lessons - led by our very own Nigel - and the past two years have seen them invite the Beginners to take part in their 'Band Extravaganza,' in what is a lovely evening of young music making.
The school took centre stage to begin with. They opened up with We Will Rock You, on their instruments, before singing the infectious Ai Caramba Samba. Next up was Tango - featuring many of the school's talented instrumentalists who performed solos - before another vocal number, Coffee Pots, which really gets you in the mood for a Costa... other Coffee brands are available! They ended their performance with Let Me Entertain You, to great applause.

After a quick break the Beginners took to the stage. They reprised their Nationals programme, opening with the fiery tango Fuego, followed that up with Tromp of the Romans and then the back row cornets starred in Hear Me Roar. After a rendition of Skyfall they closed with Ode to Joy, although they weren't allowed to leave the stage without an extra piece. This duly arrived in the form of Bob the Builder, complete with audience participation.

All in all, it was another lovely evening at the school, one which showed that the future of music in Cheshire East, with talent such as that was on show, is in very safe hands indeed.