Tour 2016: A Bands-Eye View

By: ChrisThompson - 25 July 2016

An update from down south courtesy of two band members.

We're on day four now, about half way through our summer tour of the South Coast. There's plenty of fun, sun and ice-cream!
Most of the band are relaxing, however yesterday there was a very competitive game of Rounders' which could have ended in PANDEMONIUM!
Music is played throughout the day from our very own Trombone DJ. This includes, but is not limited to, today's top hits, Bob The Builder and even Flowerdale, which can be heard in the hall, kitchen and even the showers!
We have had a total of four concerts so far, yesterday's even concluded with a walk along the Pier! Overall things are going really well for the band! Hannah 11 & Tarun 16