Beginners March To Their Own Tune!

By: PaulDarlington - 04 July 2014

On Tuesday 1st July the Beginners had an unusual rehearsal.

After 15 minutes of playing the instruments were packed away and the children were given a short Powerpoint presentation about composing music.  They were then given a 'design brief,' telling them that would be spending the rest of the rehearsal composing their own group piece.  Next they were given a basic structure of a piece and then found themselves split into groups to bounce ideas off one another.  Using various phrases ('chocolate in my freezer' being one example!) the children in the band then had to work together to match rhythms and pitch to the words before submitting their ideas to the group.  After 45 minutes of hard work - and fun! - the outcome was a piece of music composed entirely by the band that they will be rehearsing over the next few weeks!
Watch out for 'Double Chocolate Sundae' at forthcoming concerts!!