Ireland Tour

By: PaulDarlington - 09 July 2014

We now have details available of where we will be playing in Ireland between Wednesday 30th July and Monday August 4th

The schedule for the week is a series of 1hr recitals as follows; 

Limerick Wednesday 30th July 13:30 - King Johns Castle, 16:15 - Peoples Park 
Thursday 31st July 13:00 - St Marys Cathedral, 15:00 - St Camilasis Hospital 

Cork Friday 1st August 10:00 - Brass workshop with group of 9 to 15 year olds, 13:00 - 
Fitzgeralds Park, 16:15 - Mother Jones Festival Garden Party, 19:30 - Cork School of 
Music Curtis Auditorium. Saturday 2nd August 12:00 - Fota Wildlife Park, 14:30 - Cobh Town Bandstand 

Waterford Sunday 3rd August 12:00 - Bishops Palace Waterford City, 16:15 - Bishops Palace 
Waterford City and there will also be a tour of Waterford Crystal 

Kilkenny Monday 4th August - Kilkenny Castel (TBC) 

On Tuesday 5th August the band need to be up at 4am for a 2 hour journey and 1hr check in to get the 8am Ferry. The end of Tour concert will be at Sandbach High School & Sixth Form College at 7pm!