Lions Youth Brass appear in new film

By: PaulDarlington - 14 July 2014

Release of "Believe" on July 27th

Click below to see a trailer for a new film called "Believe" that some of the youth band helped to film a few years ago.

The film is being released in some cinemas and Sky Premier on July 27th, Believe 

Brian Cox and Toby Stephens star in the sporting drama directed by David Scheinmann. Loosely based on the aftermath of the tragedy of the Busby Babes, Brian Cox stars as Matt Busby, the longest serving manager of the world-famous football club Manchester United. When an opportunistic child (Georgie) snatches a wallet out of Busby's hand as he pays his taxi fare, the 74-year-old retired manager results to chasing after him to reclaim his goods. When he finally catches up with the child Busby spies him playing football with his friends and sees an opportunity to use the talented delinquent to start a new team. 

On the day of Sir Matt Busby’s 75th birthday, the team gears up to play a final, while Georgie takes his exam with hopes of passing and receiving his scholarship. Without their leader, the team is down by 2 goals. However the headmaster interrupts the game with his beloved brass band (members of Lions Youth Brass), while Gerogie rushes to to play the second half of the match

Photos of the band filming on set can be seen at the following link  Lions Youth Brass filming Believe