Feedback from Music For Youth

By: PaulDarlington - 16 July 2014

Here are the Music Tutors feedback remarks from last Friday 11th July

Lions Youth Brass – Feedback from Music for Youth 11/7/14

i) Pride of the Lions. (Special Commission) A good, clear, rhythmic start with excellent percussion and balance (lovely lyrical solo cornet playing!) Well textured (great sop playing) with commitment and confidence. All well phrased and shaped with excellent control. Sonorous and mystic to the end. Terrific start to the performance with much detail.

ii) On with the motley – Soloist William Dakin. Great start, William, with a lovely “wash” of sound from the band. All clear and precise. Soloistic in approach, William (terrific stuff). The whole performance was expressive and musical in approach with nuance and conviction – Excellent!

iii) Adventures in Brass. Foot tapping, detailed, clear, playing (great horn section!) (and euphs) Well done “whistle” soloist! Excellent control and focus in the pulsating rhythms. (Nice percussion touches!) [and flugel] So much to comprehend in your performance. Well done!

  • Harder sticks for the Timps? to improve the clarity
  • Careful with the intonation in any muted sections
  • More gradual contrasts overall
  • Go for clarity every time