Slow Melody 2014

By: PaulDarlington - 14 September 2014

Details of this years contest to be held Sunday 30th November

This years Slow Melody Contest will be held on Sunday 30th November and an entry form can be found at Slow Melody 2014 Entry Form. 

For those who are new to the band this is an annual event, now in its 9th year, where we would like everyone to participate and to play a slow melody piece in front of a small group of spectators. Each entrant will receive an adjudicators report and a certificate, and there will be a trophy for the winner of each section. The contest will be followed by the Christmas concert for all three bands in the evening. 
There are sections for all ages and abilities, and the aim is to give every one constructive feedback and encouragement to improve their slow playing ability. If anyone needs help or advice on their entry; for example suitable pieces, players and parents should speak to any of the musical directors or tutors. We will also try and arrange extra tuition for duets and groups via the tutors on Tuesday nights.
For those that wish to use a piano accompaniment we have booked a first class pianist in Fanella Howarth-Smith at a cost of £5 per player, with a rehearsal session planned for Sunday 16th November. Players may also use CD backing music if they wish.
The contest will start at 9am and results will be announced and awards presented at the end of the morning and afternoon sessions. The concert will commence at 6pm and will aim to finish by 8pm.

We have always required participating players to be in the room at the start of each section. This is to minimise disturbance to the other room and to make sure everyone is ready to play at their allocated time. However following feedback, we are considering allowing players to warm up in an allocated room and only enter the contest room when its their turn to play. We can only do this if we have help from Youth Band Players and parents to help run the day, and to make sure people are ready to play in the correct order. Therefore we are asking for volunteers to help and would be grateful if you would let us know by Tuesday 11th November if you can help throughout the day. If we do not have a sufficient number of volunteers who can help organise this by this date, we will revert to the previous year's set up.
Can you please print off your entry forms and return them on a Tuesday night along with your entry fee.  CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES will be Tuesday 11th November