Leicester Open Contest

By: PaulDarlington - 23 November 2014

Well done to the Junior Band!

The Junior Band were placed 6th of nine bands at the Leicestershire Open today. The performance was fantastic! Everyone is very proud of their performance.
Westward Ho
Rather too broad to open, but a good band sound.
Main cornet tune at A not consistent line.
Band is more at home at louder dynamics.
Try to make more dynamic contrast.
DC- a little untidy - try to detach these opening notes for the correct style. A good close to the march.

Cantaloupe Island
A nice opening with good percussion. Confident cornets and troms at G - well done. Good gliss! A good close.

Eventide (Abide With Me)
Good choice - not a bad key to play in!
Unfortunately not together to start - but recovered.
Last note distinctly untuneful unfortunately.
There is no need to make the 3rd crotchet in last phrase so short (out of context for the hymn tune).

Good start, this needs to drive forward more for effect.
Good hand claps!
Good strong close and well done to all.

John Roberts